6 Reasons for Installing a Self-Service Point of Sale System in Your Shop

If you own a shop, you might have been tempted to install a self-service point of sale system. It's a big commitment, and you'll need to consider your own needs carefully, but these systems do come with a wide array of benefits. Here are just 5.

1. Reduces Queueing

The most obvious reason for adding a self-service machine is that you'll reduce the need for customers to queue up for service. This probably won't be much of a problem during many parts of the day, but the various rushes can prove a little overwhelming when you only have one person making transactions. Customers might just enter the shop, see the queue, and then turn right around and leave. Adding a self-service machine means that you'll be better prepared for peak periods.

2. Provides a Stronger Image

When customers come to your shop, you want them to leave feeling that the place is dependable. If you have a self-service machine, it signals to shoppers that your business is running well enough for you to invest in new technologies, something that will strengthen your reputation and encourage repeat business.

3. Saves Space

Space is always at a premium, even in the largest of stores. This is why adding a whole new sales kiosk is often tough, but you can fit a self-service machine in a much smaller space since there doesn't need to be anywhere for a cashier to sit. This means that you'll have more room for placing your actual products, and your establishment won't look as crowded.

4. Provides Point of Sale Data

Point of sale data allows business owners to see which products are proving most popular, which ones tend to be bought together, and the buying habits of repeat customers. This data can then be used in order to refine your service. Many self-service systems come with analytic software to make this process easy.

5. Makes Offers Easier

Self-service systems can be programmed with new offers each day, and you can position on-offer items around the monitor to make grabbing one of them easier for people that are tempted.

6. Reduces Overheads

The initial cost of adding a self-service point of sale system might make you balk at first, but it's worth remembering that they often end up paying for themselves. If you need to bring in extra staff during peak periods in order to avoid longer queues, that will mean paying them an hourly salary. It won't take long for the amount spent on that salary to overtake the amount you would have spent on the self-service system.