Two Reasons Your Ugg-Style Boots Smell Bad And What You Can Do About It

It is the height of summer in Australia, which means temps in Queensland are topping 30C on a daily basis. Your kind grandmother bought you a super cute pair of Ugg boots for Christmas, and despite the heat, you are dying to put them on and strut your stuff. However, you have heard horror stories about smelly fur-lined boots, and you want to make sure this does not happen to your shoes. So, here's two reasons why Ugg-style boots smell bad, and things you can do if it happens to you!

Feet sweat daily

It is summer, so your whole body is sweating, and that includes your feet. In fact, there are 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet, and those glands can produce up to 500 ml of sweat! When you encase your feet in fur, the temperature in your boot rises, and the increased warmth stimulates the sweat glands.

If you do not want to aggravate your sweat glands you have two options:

  1. Save your fancy new boots until autumn rolls around, or
  2. wear cotton socks with your shoes. The socks absorb some of the sweat which would otherwise be absorbed by the boot lining.

Boot lining retains moisture

Even if you do manage to reduce the amount of sweat which gets trapped in your boot's lining, some moisture will still take up residence within your boot. Additionally, rainwater from summer storms can also make its way into the boot if you get caught outside at an inopportune moment. This moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungal growth over time.

The best way to reduce the odour-producing fungus from growing is to stop the moisture from getting inside the boot in the first place. However, if they do get wet from rain or sweat, make sure they have a chance to dry out completely before you put them back on again. Place them outside in a spot which is undercover (in case of unplanned storms) but a place that still gets plenty of sunlight heat (such as undercover on your back garden patio). A day outside in the summer warmth will dry them out quickly.

Finally, the best way to make sure you do not end up with smelly Ugg-style boots is to buy another pair! By doing so, you have a backup option to wear while your first set is drying or airing out. Alternative daily wear patterns mean you get to wear your new funky footwear every day without needing to explain why they smell so awful.